Look like Luxury on a Budget

Look like Luxury on a Budget

Two words that don’t typically go together… ‘Luxury’ & ‘Budget’. It’s almost blasphemy if we’re being completely honest.

But, it’s 2022, times have changed; the world is evolving. So, who says looking good has to cost you everything you’ve got!?

We believe it’s all about simple styling. You can look like money with only 1 luxury item on! And we’re here to show you how to look good for less! How to look like Luxury on a budget...

Today, we're styling the MONARCH SATIN TROUSERS...


A Classic Look... 

Pair a classic black blazer, black bralette & gold accessories with the Monarch Satin Trousers.

If you don't already have a black blazer & bralette there's always an affordable option for both... Try stores that carry basics like Cotton On, Foschini, Woolworths and more.

Get the Look:

Bralettes from as low as R199.00

Blazers from as little as R299.00

Gold Purse from R300 


An Elevated Brunch Look...

Pair a crisp white cropped shirt with simple accessories & an oversized tote bag.

If you don't have a cropped white shirt, a classic cut one can still serve the same purpose. 

Get the Look:

White heels from R699.00

Tote Bag from R699.00



A Trendy Casual Style...

Who says luxury can't be laid back. Dress the look down in a simple trendy way. With a hat & crossbody bag it gives an effortless but premium look.

Get the Look:

Black Crop Vest from R70.00

Black Fedora Hat from R129.99

Crossbody Bag from R349.00


A Simple Sunday Style...

Because who doesn't love a muted nude look with a pop of colour. Matched with the emerald green and gold monarch trousers. 

And of course, we all know that a good pair of sunglasses can elevate any look... no matter the price.

Get the Look:

Gold Sunglasses from R179.00

Nude bodysuit from R599

Tote Bag from R699.00


Shop the Monarch Satin Trousers here... and show us how you styled your Luxury look for less.

With all the style tips above, we're sure you'll put your own twist to it... show us how by tagging us @xariahofficial on Instagram and using the hashtag #xariahbabe




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