How we Edit our Instagram Images

Instagram is quickly becoming more than just pretty pictures and posting content.

It has quickly become about the overall AESTHETIC. Attracting your targeted consumers and alluring them to engage with your page and furthermore your brand.

Interestingly enough, we’ve received numerous requests for us to share our method on how we edit images for our Instagram feed. We love our Xariah Ladies and we’re happy to share this with you; however, it’s still crucial to keep you coming back for more so there’s only so much we can share J.

Below is a list of our Top 5 Free  apps to edit our Instagram images:

1. InstaSize

 we use this when we need to extend the white backdrop in our product images. (iStore Link) (Google Play Link)

2. Snapseed

: this is used mainly for close ups and allows us to edit our models’ face and enhance her features as well as clean and desaturate any unwanted background elements. (iStore Link) (Google Play Link) .

3. VSCO 

xariah vsco: everyones' favourite photo editing app, we use this mainly to adjust lighting and contrast as it has extensive features (a fav filter is A6). (iStore Link) (Google Play Link)

4. Layout 

: we use this to help us plan posts and see that the feed will remain aesthetically pleasing with the addition of the new images. (iStore Link) (Google Play Link)

5. Aden filter (Instagram)

: Instagram has its very own amazing filter that puts the cherry on top of all our images by creating a cohesive final look.

All apps listed above should be available for free on both the iStore and Android.

Here’s hoping the information provided will help you a little in creating a more pleasing visual for your Instagram followers.


The Xariah Team,


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